Information and Communications Technology is an exciting industry to be in – it is ever changing.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the fact, Humans drive technology.

About Us

Human Element IT is a traditional IT company that can help with all your IT requirements.

Our consultants have years of experience in IT across many facets of the industry. From Desktops, Servers, Storage, Security and the like, what makes us different is our Cyber Security offering.

Not only will we help you understand the Cyber Threat, we will help you identify Risks within your organisation.
With the myriad of new Cyber Threats every day, you need to know traditional security strategies cannot stop what they do not know. This is where Human Element IT can help.

We believe in a 3-pronged approach to cyber resilience. Technology · Process · Education.

We specialise in solutions that maximise the investment you have already made to your IT security infrastructure. We do this by identifying gaps in your security posture and make recommendations to optimise the protection of your valuable assets.

Human Element IT will work with you to write (or amend) policies to ensure employees understand their responsibilities.

Our training educates employees of the threat to your organisation. They will learn what to look out for and be able to identify suspicious communication. Along with this, we can wrap key points of your policies into this training. This reinforces your policy messaging and why these processes are in place.

Process and Education are 2 key factors that many organisations don’t consider.

They are a very important aspect as unfortunately, the one thing you can’t stop is the human element. Afterall, we are human. We make mistakes.

Our Services

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Security Services

Security Audit Penetration Testing Policy Writing Vulnerability Assessment Process Review Compliance Automation

Audits and Assessments will identify gaps in your security posture but don’t forget the biggest threat - your people. We can write policies for your organisation so employees understand their responsibilities.” An ‘Acceptable Use Agreement’ is a great place to start.

Cyber Awareness Training

On Demand Webinar Tailored Presentations to meet Security Policies ISO27002 Compliancy (PCI/HIPAA) Develop Education Strategy Introduction video Social Engineering Notifiable Data Breach C Level Risk

Your employees will be targeted to infiltrate your organisation. They need to know this and they need to know what the risks are to your organisation. Our unique tailored training provides reinforcement of your security policies and covers the current security landscape. The threats, risks and ramifications of clicking on a malicious email or link. Educate your employees to become part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Phishing Campaign

Various creative and tailored emails are sent to staff enticing them to ‘click the link’. A report is provided without (or with) names so education can be targeted where necessary. The campaign is designed to encourage recipients to communicate when they see scam emails or unusual websites. It is not designed to embarrass or shame those that click - that is counterproductive - they certainly won’t tell you about a ‘real’ scam! This can be conducted prior to training to measure knowledge and/or post training to gage successful education.

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"relevant and engaging"

"I expected it to drag, and suddenly it was 5pm"

"Excellent facilitator and content was engaging"

Toorak College

Cyber Security Awareness was very helpful to staff, not just here at school but in their personal life as well. Some staff are more IT literate than others and I think the content covered a wide degree of knowledge levels

One could be forgiven for thinking that a technology company like ours would not need to alert staff to the dangers that lurk in the internet. However, with more than 40 staff with varying knowledge of Cyber Security the content was just what was needed to ignite conversation on this complex and crucial issue. Your manner was professional but also thoroughly engaging and stimulated a great degree of interest and discussion and we are all the better for the information.

Carole’s presentation was engaging, insightful and informative about the ever increasing risk of cyber crime to both individuals and businesses and would recommend her presentation to other businesses where owners and staff can assess the potential risks that may exist within their organization and beyond.

Melbourne Market Authority

The MMA engaged Human Element IT to provide onsite cyber awareness training to our staff members. It was profoundly insightful and staff thoroughly enjoyed the training. It was one of the best decisions to make as it gave staff the tools, knowledge and self-awareness to detect threats and the actions to take in the event of one. It was a great session and got staff talking. We would recommend this training to other organisations.

City of Casey

With over 500 staff members to educate on current cyber risks it was going to be quite a challenge.
We chose to have several sessions where Human Element were able to tailor the training to our specific needs and at the same time ensure typical risks were covered. Staff were engaged which led to good conversation and an opportunity for them to get the answers to questions which flowed easily resulting in an understanding of how we can all work together to protect our assets both physical and digital. Overall a very successful training exercise.

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